ES6 template syntax-highlighting in Atom

ES6 template syntax highlighting Template strings don't normally get syntax highlighting, but Atom's language-babel plugin got us covered.

# Initial setup

  1. install Atom editor
  2. install language-babel plugin

# Add grammar extensions

  • Navigate to Atom > Preferences > Packages > language-babel > settings.
  • Scroll down to where it says "JavaScript Tagged Template Literal Grammar Extensions"
  • The format for this is {tag_prefix}:{grammar_scope}. To find the grammar_scope of the language, navigate to Atom > Preferences > Packages and then search "language css" (this is an example search). If you scroll down a bit you'll see this:

atom screenshot

With that information, we can make a template definition /* @css */:source.css and use it like so:

es6 tagged template css language

Thats it! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions.

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