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Essential tools and resources

This is a curated, ever-growing, always-updated list of tools I've built, developers I follow, and websites that I think you might find useful.

# Tools I live by

  • VS Code

    Free and open source by Microsoft, this editor has taken the development world by storm. It is similar to its cousin Atom which used to be my daily driver.

  • npm and yarn - package managers

    A package manager is essential to every developers toolkit. Not only do these tools make it easier to deal with dependencies, they also happen to be a excellent way for discovering other libraries.

  • Icomoon

    Svg icons are the new standard, and this tool makes it a breeze to manage. Simply create your own icons or use Icomoon's free / paid icon sets.

# Developers and designers you might like to follow

  • Chris Coyier

    Founder of CSS-tricks, one of the most popular websites about web development. Also co-founder of Codepen, an excellent tool for both experimenting as well as showcasing your skills to the world.

  • David Desandro

    Known for Masonry library and founder of Metafizzy. He's a frontend developer, graphic designer, and all around really talented creative coder.

  • Paul Irish

    A web performance guru at Google, this man almost needs no introduction. When it comes to frontend development and web performance, Paul Irish always dishes out some of the best information out there.

  • Justin Windle

    Generative artist and a creative coder. His website has some drool-worthy creative coding experiments. His Codepen also has some really cool projects as well.

  • Mike Bostock

    When it comes to data visualization, few people are as skilled as Mike. He's one of the original authors of D3, one of the most popular data vis libraries out there.

  • Todd Motto

    When it comes to Angular tutorials and knowledge, Todd is your goto guy. He runs workshops, does consulting, and has a blog all dedicated to Angular.

  • Ana Tudor

    Ana makes some of the most wild looking shapes and animations using pure CSS. She can make things like 3-d dodecahedrons turn into hexagons, and crazy SVG animations.

  • Joshua Davis

    Legendary generative artist and creative coder. He's been playing with the stuff since 1999 and he hasn't skipped a beat since. His work has been inducted into the Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and National Design Triennial 2006 “Design Life Now”.

  • Lea Verou

    Lea verou lives at the bleeding edge of web standards and has an awesome blog where she talks about emerging web technologies.

# Built by me

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